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High Dusting

Promote a safe & clean work environment with our High Dusting Service.

Most offices, manufacturing & distribution centres, and even warehouses have regular cleaning performed. This promotes a clean & healthy workplace. However, most often overlooked are the high, out-of-reach lights, beams and shelves that quickly collect dust and grime.

Though they may not pose a problem visually, they create these hazards:

  • Increased dust in air
  • Nose, eye & throat irritation, as well as potential asthmatic conditions for employees
  • Fire hazards from build-up near electrical equipment
  • Decreased lifespan of electronics & circuitry
  • Decreased efficiency of heating & cooling systems

JCMC provides professional cleaning and dusting services. You can expect:

  • Improved air quality
  • Fully licensed & insured workers
  • Licensed scissor-jack operators
  • Adherence to health¬†inspection regulations
  • Reduction of allergens
  • Prevention of property damage due to dust

Contact JCMC today to keep your facility a clean, healthy, safe environment!