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Concrete Polishing

What Concrete Polishing can do
for your floor:

  • Increase the aesthetic value of your floor, making your cement floor actually beautiful
  • Improve the strength and durability of the cement, saving you money in the long run
  • Add lighting via the reflectivity of the polished surface
  • Save money on cleaning & maintenance by removing cracks & crevices

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Concrete Finish Options (Aggregate Exposure Levels)

Cream concrete polishing  (minimal exposure)

Cream (minimal exposure)

polished concrete salt & pepper

Salt & Pepper exposure

polished concrete kitchen with large exposure

Medium – large aggregate

What is Concrete Polishing?

Yes, it’s true: your cement floor can actually be beautiful, even trendy! By removing all crevices and cracks from the surface, and finishing with a glossy finish, we create a highly reflective and eye-catching finish. As a side benefit this will save you in cleaning costs, as a polished surface is easier to clean.

More than simply grinding and buffing, we are actually changing the composition and properties of the cement floor itself. We increase the density of concrete, meaning that your floor will actually last longer after being polished! Effects such as coloured dyes, or even metallic epoxy can be used, to produce a high-end and memorable finish.


What is JCMC’s Process?

  1. concrete coarse grindingCoarse Grinding
    Using coarse diamond-based grinding tools, we prepare the surface. This preparation step is critical – as we need to make sure to remove any inconsistencies, materials or glues from the concrete.
  2. concrete grinding repairFine Grinding & Levelling
    We employ high-grit grinding tools during this stage to make the surface of the concrete extremely flat. We will take precautions to minimize any dust during this stage. During this stage we perform any repairs necessary, patching holes or applying epoxy filler where appropriate.
  3. concrete polisherConcrete Densification
    During this stage we are actually changing the composition of the concrete floor! We apply commercial-grade liquid densifier (and optional colouring agent) to the floor. This turns the concrete into a rock-solid floor that will even be liquid resistant!
  4. Polishing
    This is the final part of the process, where we finally make the floor shine. Using progressively finer grit diamond-studded resin tools, we polish the surface to the level of sheen possible. We take the utmost care to get the strongest lustre out of your floor.


Why Choose JCMC?
It is important that our customers understand our goals as a company:

  • We consult with each prospective customer before finalizing a quote or agreeing to a project. This ensures that we understand what you need, as well as any floor conditions that will affect our work.
  • We employ only experienced and honest trades people. This both quality of work as well as a high level of integrity.
  • prosoco concrete sealerWe don’t cut corners when it comes to our tools or products. We invest in the highest quality equipment, pads and sealers to ensure that your floor’s polish lasts!
  • As a company we are environmentally conscious – using eco-friendly products wherever possible, and striving for paperless operations.

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